Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Wisdom in the Digital Age

Soren Gordhamer
Founder of Wisdom 2.0 Conference, Author
Date: Saturday, June 15, 2013
Time: 10am - 3pm
Venue: Anubhuti Retreat Center

We will spend the day exploring the context of wisdom in our modern digital lives - what does this mean and how can we bring ancient wisdom in the context of a digital age. We will explore what it means to live with greater awareness and purpose in a culture moving faster and faster. This will be a day of deep exploration on how our lives are wanting to unfold, and each of our particular paths. We will investigate the challenges and opportunities of our times, and what this means for each of us as we move from a focus on information and knowledge to a wisdom-based culture.

Soren Gordhamer works with individuals and groups on living with greater mindfulness and purpose in our technology-rich age. He is founder and host of the Wisdom 2.0 Conference, and the author of Wisdom 2.0: Ancient Secrets for the Creative and Constantly Connected (HarperOne, 2009), one of the first books to explore living with mindfulness and wisdom within the context of our modern technology age.

As project director for Richard Gere's public charity, Healing the Divide, he organized The Healing through Great Difficulty conference with his Holiness, the Dalai Lama. He has been featured in various media, including GQ Magazine and Newsweek.com, and has taught mindfulness programs everywhere from youth in New York City juvenile halls, to trauma workers in Rwanda, teachers in Nigeria, and to staff at US technology companies.

He spent a year walking through parts of the United States, India, Pakistan, and Japan as a part of the Global Walk for a Livable World. He later founded the New York City-based non-profit, The Lineage Project, which offers awareness-based practices to at-risk and incarcerated teens.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

At the Intersection of Money and Spirit

John Bloom
Author, Artist, Philanthropic Program Innovator

Date: Saturday, May 18th
Time: 2 - 4pm

Money is the threshold experience of the 21st century. Understanding it and our relationship to it is key to our capacity to transform the world around us, and to living in compassionate interdependence. Based upon his experiences working in social finance and the social and spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner, Bloom will share some leading thoughts and engage the group in a collaborative inquiry of how to stand in spiritual integrity while being an engaged economic citizen.

John Bloom is Senior Director of Organizational Culture at RSF Social Finance in San Francisco, where he has developed innovative philanthropic programs and contributed to the organization's thought leadership in the field of social finance. As part of his work at RSF, he has been developing and facilitating conversations and programs that address the intersection of money and spirit in personal and social transformation. He writes frequently for RSF's Reimagine Money blog on aspects of the new economy. He has worked with over 100 non-profits over the last seven years in the areas of capacity building and culture change. He has led many workshops, lectured, and written about aspects of money, development, and governance for non-profits. John has founded two non-profits, served as a trustee on several, including Yggdrasil Land Foundation, an agricultural land trust, and worked as the administrator at San Francisco Waldorf School for eight years before joining RSF. He was part of founding the Live Power Community Farm CSA twenty-three years ago and is still an active member. He has been a frequent contributor to the Biodynamic Journal on topics such as the economics of CSAs and the cultural life of vegetables. He holds an MFA (UNM) in painting and photography, has work in major collections, and sees the integration of the arts as essential to healthy organizational life.

His book, The Genius of Money: Essays and Interviews Reimagining the Financial World (SteinerBooks) was published in October 2009. In 2012, he edited and introduced a collection of essays entitled Slow Investing: How Your Money Can Transform the World. He lives in San Francisco.