Monday, April 28, 2008

Movement as Meditation

"As science and health studies progress and we learn more and more about ourselves, each other and our bodies, we learn that all are connected. Our bodies, our minds, our spirits are connected deeply. Progression and movement of each effects the others. To learn our true nature we must explore all of our natures." -- Rok Proffit

Rok Proffit has been studying Martial Arts all of his life. From early childhood he has been interested in the ways of the Far East. Early excursions into the realm of mysticism and martial arts included Japanese Karate and Kempo. After firmly establishing a foundation necessary for self defense including wrestling, Mongolian wrestling, San Shou, boxing, Chinese Kung Fu including Lung Ying and the secret, deadly arts of Dim Mak and Bak Mei, Rok Proffit began exploring movement as meditation and focusing upon physical manifestations of the spirit.

Rok Proffit's teachers have included world famous street fighter and choreographer White Dragon Fighting Master Sifu Zhong Luo, master of 20 styles Grand Master "Mai Yu" Qiang Luo and internationally known writer and Taoist Master Mantak Chia.

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