Monday, July 7, 2008

Interpretations of Islam

Iftekhar A. Hai is a writer, lecturer, peace mediator and humanist. As a writer, Iftekhar eliminates negative stereotyping but differentiates between moderate and extremist interpretation of Islam. From the last two years his columns have been appearing in faith pages of San Mateo Times and many of his articles printed in many San Francisco bay area newspapers.

The 9/11 tragedy and the demonization of Muslims and Islam which created a crisis for American Muslims became the springboard for Iftekhar to explain Islam and its practices to Americans in churches, synagogues, schools, colleges and universities. Lately he has been one of the most sought after speaker on peace and reconciliation among religions. Iftekhar has represented Islam in Conflict Resolution Conferences and interfaith seminars in USA, Canada, UK, India, Pakistan, Africa, Afghanistan, Brazil and Korea. He has also visited the Vatican to promote peace between Islam & Christianity in March 2006.

Iftekhar was a founding director of United Muslims of America in 1982 and became its full time honorary Director of Interfaith Relations since 1990. In June 2004, he founded UMA Interfaith Alliance and became its president. Its mission is to promote cooperation and understanding among world religions through interfaith dialogue, creating racial and religious harmony and encouraging American Muslims to get involved locally, nationally and globally for the common good of all people.

From the last 25 years Iftekhar has worked with local, statewide, national and global organizations on religious, interfaith, peace reconciiation, and international diplomacy issues.

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