Sunday, May 17, 2009

Create Inner Change To Find True Purpose & Create Outer Change in the World

Jared Paul is the Founder and Executive Director of the SanFrancisco nonprofit A Good Idea. A Good Idea’s mission is to be a vehicle for people’s positive social change ideas and to help bring those ideas to life. The goal is simply to help as many people in need as possible. A Good Idea is very focused on empowering people to begin the inner change transformation while at the same time connecting community.

The organization meets every Tuesday at the Red Vic Peace Cafe in the historic Haight district to bring like-minded people together who are going through their own transformations to discuss spiritual topics and social change ideas. A Good Idea’s first project is to bring a high school/village for homeless youth to San Francisco and then eventually a full-scale homeless rehabilitation village to the city as well.

Jared is originally from Atlanta, GA and prior to starting A Good Idea had a successful career in sales and business development.

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