Friday, March 7, 2014

Inner Transformation As Our Core Need

Guest Presenter: Rahul Brown
Entrepreneur, Filmmaker & Social Artist

Date: March 22, 2014
Time: 2 - 4pm
Venue: San Francisco Meditation Center

If anyone were to make a file on Rahul, it would go into the folder "unclassified". His interests and experiments reach far beyond his formal education and work experience. From working at a technology startup, advocating for alternative healthcare to working with a power company, and taking years off to volunteer in the slums of India, Rahul's journey is characterized by a sincere search for living a life aligned to values
Along the way, he self-educates himself on the state of the world in various dimensions of economics, politics, religion and non-profits without the biases and limitations that come with academic settings. This has enabled him to dive into a series of service projects (such as directing and producing films as a gift) and personal experiments (such as living gift-economy for one year) through which he tries to balance his social, spiritual and livelihood needs. His spirit shines through in his recent commencement address in San Francisco. On top of it all, Rahul finds joy in small acts and cultivating community. When serendipity invites him to have dinner at the White House, he compiled a series of kindness stories to gift to the First Lady. When a friend came under a series of unfortunate events, he and his wife Asha orchestrated anonymous gifting from friends who rose up in support. From consistently hosting friends and family for dinner, practicing generosity with his relatives, and-- as a new father-- giving and growing in love through his baby daughter, Rahul seeks to maximize truth, love, and happiness in life.
Rahul is also an active volunteer in the ServiceSpace ecosystem, works as Chief Solutions Officer for Infinote, is an award-winning filmmaker, and a student of Vipassana meditation.  

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