Monday, November 5, 2007

Social Healing, Peace Building, and Spiritual Cultivation

Mitch Hall is committed to peace building, social healing, children's rights, nonviolence and spiritual cultivation through education, coalition building, mentoring and mediating. His recent writings include The Social Healer (with Marc Pilisuk, 2006), The Power of Peace (with Madeleine Y. Gómez, 2004), Peace Quest: Cultivating Peace in a Violent Culture (2003), and The Plague of Violence: a Preventable Epidemic (2002).

Mitch's mission for peace building and spiritual cultivation is rooted in early childhood experience. He has an undergraduate degree in religion from Columbia University and a graduate degree in sociology and psychology. Over the years, in a comprehensive and humanistic spirit of dialogue, he has read widely the literature of diverse spiritual paths and has practiced for extended periods with teachers from Yogic, Jain, Taoist, and Buddhist traditions. He continues to practice taichi, qigong and meditation (primarily vipassana) and zhanzhuang (standing meditation). Life experience and significant interpersonal relationships have been his main teachers.

Mitch is a member of the Board of Directors of Parents and Teachers against Violence in Education ( In recent years, he has been invited twice as a speaker to the professional summit conferences, "National Leaders in Nonviolence and the Child." He has served with such organizations as the Fellowship of Reconciliation and the Peace Corps, which gave him intercultural experience in Europe and Africa respectively. He currently works as an academic dean at a college in San Francisco.

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