Monday, November 5, 2007

Games people play and should play

Paradice - with a ‘c’? That is correct, not a misspelling!

John O’Neil, a game designer, founder of ‘Admcadiam’ made a spirited guest presentation to “The Men’s Wisdom Circle” at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center on 401 Baker St in San Francisco on Saturday, October 27, 07. John’s personal qualities of heart, mind and spirit, were abundantly manifest in his presentation with much childlike and exuberant demeanor.

With Admcadiam, a self-developed philosophy, John began his journey in 1975. He brings to bear his early training in theosophy, and his spiritual bent of mind to create his vision of creating beauty of the heart, message for the soul, and challenge for the mind.

John and his games is a tour de force to reckon with. With a checkered life and involvement with numerous inventions of playing cards, postcards, board and video games, and others, John developed Paradice as first of a series of nine games that carry meaningful messages of living in a harmonious, creative, and at once in an entertaining way.

. In 1982 his company Flyghts of Fancie became synonymous with innovation in the non-violent sector of the video game industry. In 1985 “Lifespan” won the “most innovative game” award at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. “Dolphins Rune” won “best educational game” at the CES 1987 in Chicago. John has earned accolades as the “Salvador Dali of Video Games” and “Pied Piper of the Gaming Industry”.

Paradice, a game of entertainment, designed for today’s Consciousness to explore, experience and share who we are and who we can be. The object of the game is noble, played as Giver or Taker, as the roles keep changing, leading to the conclusion that only the Giver can win by getting Humans together.

Information on sponsoring a Paradice Party of six or more can be obtained from

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